Let us know if you are bringing pets with you and what size or breed they are.  We have some pet amenities that we are happy to provide for you: dog bed, cat scratching post, elevated food/water bowls, and toys to name a few.
We like to supply a small welcome basket for our furry friends.  Please let us know if your pets have any food or treat allergies.
What you need to bring with you:

  • Your pet’s food/treats
  • Any pet medications
  • Comfort items that make them feel safe/happy
  • Leash/collar/harness
  • Litterbox for cats 

We do request that all visiting pets be housebroken or litterbox trained. 

While the majority of our property is fenced at the perimeter, the ends of the circle drive are open onto the street. We encourage you to keep your pet on a leash when outdoors at our cottage.