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Average stay at Marigny Cottage is $180/night, depending on seasonality and availability.

HOUSE RULES to be aware of before you book:

  • No smoking or vaping indoors.
  • No loud music outside after 8:00 PM.
  • Only the number of guests in your reservation are expected at the cottage during your stay.
  • Our cottage has a septic system; please flush ONLY toilet paper and natural waste. The system cannot tolerate feminine or baby products, even those labeled “flushable.”
  • No food products should be washed down the sinks.  We ask that you please wipe pan and plate debris into trashcan before rinsing.  

  • Our cottage is not child-proofed.  While children are welcome in the cottage, we want you to know in advance that we do not have furniture secured to the walls, there are no child locks on any cabinets or rooms, and we do not have plug covers or bumper guards.  Shelves with low-reach access have items on them that are not appropriate for small children to obtain.
  • We have a pond on our property that is separated from the yard by a single fence with two gates.  The gates are not locked.
  • The two ends of our circle driveway are the only part of the property that is not fenced.  Children will need to be watched carefully and pets will need to be leashed while in the yard.
  • We still have a few upgrades to make: three exterior doors are being replaced soon.  Though not yet installed, the items have been received and we are trusting in the capable talent of the contractors we have hired.  While the older versions of doors should not impede your enjoyment of the cottage, we do want you to be aware that these items are facing imminent replacement. Once the new items are installed, each door will have fully encased blinds in the window portions.